Why teachers need to embrace AI

Teachers should embrace AI for two key reasons: firstly, to save time, and more importantly, to gain the necessary context for guiding students in thoughtful AI usage.

Saving time with AI

It doesn’t matter what profession you’re in, if you’re not actively integrating AI into your workflow, you will fall behind. The results of the Harvard/BCG study are astounding. BCG consultants, utilizing AI, completed tasks 12% more efficiently, worked 25% faster, and achieved 40% higher quality results.

Bill Gates stated that AI is the most revolutionary technology since the Internet. Can you imagine competing with your peers without using the Internet? The next generation of great teachers will be using AI to augment their influence.

Guiding students to use AI thoughtfully

While AI is essential for teachers, its integration into student learning requires careful consideration. Just as the premature use of calculators without grasping basic math can hinder learning, premature or unguided use of advanced AI tools can be equally problematic.

However, it’s undeniable that AI is revolutionizing the workplace. In a world where AI skills are increasingly in demand, students must be exposed to these technologies in a structured and meaningful way. Without foundational knowledge from educators, how can we prepare the next generation for an AI-centric future?